About Us

Having spent years living abroad and travelling the world, a deep appreciation for the rich history and customs of tribal cultures was born. I was lucky enough to travel to remote parts of the world like the Sahara desert, The Lost City of Petra, Machu Picchu and Palestine. In these beautiful ancient places I was introduced to local artisans who spend many months crafting handmade treasures that can never be replicated in the factories of China. It was in these remote places and beautiful craftsmanship that The Weave was born.

The Weave is about celebrating handmade artistry and its history. It can take over a year for a rug to be woven by hand. The time, skill and determination to hand weave a rug cannot be overstated. It is our passion to share these beautiful handmade rugs and bring a little slice of history into every home.

We source the highest quality, authentic rugs from real craftsmen and women. From the Atlas Mountains to the Caucasus Mountains, we love to be able to showcase their work to the world.

Heidi, Curator of The Weave.