The Weave is committed to being a socially conscious business who places its values and integrity above profit making. 

6 key elements underscore our business; Sustainability, One with Nature, Handmade, Supporting Women, Vintage Only, Small Business


We believe in building a better future and more sustainable planet by investing in quality vintage items rather than buying new, mass produced goods.

We only ship our rugs in reused/recycled packaging. We see little value in the impact a new carboard box places on the environment. 

One with Nature 

We only sell items that are either organic, made from natural products or sourced locally by the tribe that produced the item. 

We never sell anything synthetic. EVER.


All our rugs and cushions have been woven by hand by tribal women. We never sell anything machine made as we are firm believers in quality over quantity. We want our rugs to be passed down through the generations. Not end up in landfill. 

Supporting Women

We believe in empowering women and supporting their businesses. We endeavour to only work with businesses run by women or those that are underpinned by women cooperatives.

Vintage Only

We love and only sell vintage items as they:

  • Benefit the planet;
  • Have been made and sourced in an ethical way;
  • Don't add to landfill;
  • Last generations; and
  • Teach us to respect and honour our past

Small Business

We believe in community and love supporting other small businesses, whether they are our suppliers or Australian small businesses. Hit us up if you would like to work together.